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I'm not gainfully employed, but if you meet me, you will think I'm earning a fat salary somewhere.
A plan has been on the table for the past 12 months and is expected to take off fully by August 2018. Finance is the only problem, and these people told me that I will cross the financial bridge when I get there. They are very certain of other factors on my part. The problem now is that they stop once in a while to ask, "What are you doing to earn the living at present?" To answer this, I use to tell them that I do the job I was trained for in University, looking for clients daily. We all know that this thing is not lucrative, and as a matter of fact, if a client calls me for a job today, I may not receive another call for a job in the next 2 months.
I have a job I can do to earn money needed for basic necessities, but it is very shameful to hear that a graduate does it. I have to look big if I want to keep earning the respct of these people. It's like a building contractor that borrows money to buy a car because clients will have faith in him and trust him with their money.
Now these people are suspecting that I look good, and that if what I do currently can make me look this good, why hatching a different plan? If I tell them the shameful job I do apart from what I'm trained for, they will think that my plan is primarily based on escaping hunger. And if that thought crosses their mind, the plan on the table can be rendered useless within minutes.
Now how will you advise me concerning this situation in a bid to douse the tension created by their suspicion?
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