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#1 » by ItuGlobal » August 12th, 2017, 9:41 am

You will eventually die. But what can I do to live as long as possible?

I'm a physician who practice in Florida and I have taken care of at least 40 patients ranging from 95–106 years old.

I’m interested in the genetics of my patients, and the things they have in common.

Most of them were women, W:M ratio 7:3.

They were single, divorced, or widowed very early.

They did not have many children, 0–2 children, which was not the rule at their time.

The women were mostly Caucasian, or Asian, and the men were of African-american or Hispanic descent.

Education or social status had nothing to do with their longevity. All of them had humble origins, and had to work very hard in agriculture, war, house, masonry, sales, and many have had several jobs. Most of them kept working late despite retirement, and one was still volunteering in a local library.

None of them were obese or overweight. Weight ranged from 95–140 pounds and Body Mass Index was below 25 for all of them.

Their diet was healthy by all standards - with a classic Mediterranean, Kosher, Asian diet - high in fish, vegetables, roots, oil, coffee, tea, water, and had no Toxic Habits.

Faith played a major role in their lives - most of my patients had a strong faith support, and visited a church/temple/synagogue, and were involved and respected in their congregations.

Surprisingly, only 10% of my patients actively exercised when younger as part of their routine (except for 4 soldiers who became sedentary after 2–8 years in the military), however they resumed an active lifestyle in their 50–60’s.

Half of the female patients looked younger than their stated age.

Some of them were cancer survivors, and their cancers were diagnosed early, and managed appropriately.
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#2 » by jitibi » August 12th, 2017, 10:16 am

Nice idea. But they all died eventually :t'g:

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