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#1 » by Emi (f) » January 9th, 2017, 6:43 am

Any solutions to the corruption in Nigerian economy? When anything gets infected by a virus, the pathogen affects every part of the system. It degenerates the entire system functionality so bad that it kills the host along with itself. That is how bad it can be.

In the case of Nigeria how bad is it? Let us mention a few sectors of the economy and then try to examine how much damage this canker-worm, this virus called corruption has done.

Oil and power. Remember subsidy? Cabal? Electricity? The list goes on and on.

Education, Agriculture, Military - arms purchase scam? Dasukigate? Housing? Recruitment scam?

It's as if every one in any of these sectors see their privilege to be in power as an opportunity to take their own share of the national cake. What is a state governor doing? (care about his people?) when he keeps siphoning billions of state money overseas into private accounts while owing the state over 5 months salary arrears?

And this list goes on and on. Is there a solution?

Yes, but it's going to be hard. First, the problem is the intent of many People. Many are going to that seat of power simply to enrich themselves and not to serve any citizen. It's a game and also an investment. Even some people who have initial good intentions to serve get choked by godfathers and interest groups so much that they had to blend in OR they get kicked out.

Major problem is that... Like begets like. A corrupt process cannot produce a chaste outcome. That is as true as it can be.

A single difficult but sure solution:
Many people go into political positions because of the money and wealth. Can we do just one thing:


What this means is to make all the money a governor, a president, a senator can get on that seat be so small and ridiculous that people will count it as non profitable venture to go into politics. Remove security votes from governors pockets, make reps get paid only sitting allowances (as before). Remove all access to public funds. Pay all office holders just few perks, not so much money they can kill for. With what consequence?

As such, only very few people who want to do good and serve the people will contest. You will rarely see people who will sell their multi million dollar property or take huge bank loans because they want to be president or governor or chairman or senator. And they all keep lying to us.

This is the only one sure solution to make a difference. Is it doable?

You agree its very hard. Let's see. Time will tell.

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#2 » by Kroos » January 9th, 2017, 6:55 am

Oro kabiti.


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