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I'm about to finish my college education in less than one month and had worked as a loan officer for more than 4 months. Last month I quit my job and prepared to start my freelancing life as a web developer ( I major in English and Finance, not computer science) because the life of working for a company made me realise how inefficient and boring it was to have others controlling my time and work schedule.

However, two days ago, all of a sudden my parents called to ask me to go back to my hometown and a relative has arranged a well-paid job for me (They still don't know that I plan to be a freelancer, they would go nuts if they knew).

I respect my parents' opinion and know that they think they are making the best choice for me. I don't know what would happened if I follow my passion but I know for certain that if I go back home, I would live a normal life like my brothers, my cousins and most of my fellow classmates, and then have an arranged marriage in less than one year or two, which I think is the official end of my life.

I've turn my parents down by promising that I will earn 10,000 RMB/month in two years. I'm 25 and I set the goal of earning more than 10,000 RMB/month by the end of September,2013, that's less than 4 month, because I know my parents wouldn't have the patience to wait for 2 years. If I can't prove myself to be a man who can take on the responsibility by earning enough money quickly, they would push me to marry or take another job.

My family have sacrifice a lot to support me to go to college and I'm the hope of the family of 8. I don't dare to let them down, how can I achieve my goal ? Is it even possible?

What are your thoughts? If this was your choice, how would you proceed?

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