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The #SexForMark sexual harassment scandal kept rocking the Nigerian higher institutions media recently. A typical case was that of an OAU prof lecturer who was recently caught red-handed hand now summarily dismissed or suspended by the school. You may wonder: what is the #SexForMark scandal all about?

From social media and news media reports, and also from direct interactions with students, I was able to gather the following.

Sex in Exchange
Sexformark is all about lecturers and people in powerful positions in higher institutions demanding for sex or romance from students in exchange for favours like passing papers or project works. Also, these lecturers may victimize the students by deliberately threatening to fail them or even really failing them until the student succumbs to the demand for romance.

From my interactions, I was able to also gather that on a small percentage of the time, some immoral students do offer romance to lecturers so that they can pass, and not necessarily the lecturer demanding first.

The Effects
Truth be told, the is the height of indiscipline and unprofessionalism and moral decadence in our tertiary institutions and society. This is academic prostitution. And I believe any student who succumbs to this bad arrangement has already had her life ruined. It is wrong. While producing graduates, our schools are equally producing low-self-esteem prostitutes.

Second, if sex will get you a pass, what quality of graduates are our higher institutions producing? Half-baked supposed leaders of tomorrow!

And third, if this trend is left unchecked, our schools will become mere trading grounds for exchange of romance and sex for academic certifications.

The Causes?
From my interactions, some people alleged that female students' dressings which could be too provocative is a major cause of 'temptation' to lecturers. But this claim is found to be of no basis because it's established that the immoral lecturers know no bounds as to which student they want to sleep with. Even morally chaste decently dressed students get their advances.

1. The major root cause is the unprecedented height of shamelessness, unprofessionalism and immorality exhibited by today's lecturers. These guys just don't have conscience anymore, claims a student. "Running after young ones younger than their own children."

2. Second culprit could be attributed to failure of the institutions' control systems or absolute lack of it. The schools lack systems to checkmate such things.

Closely related to that, as lamented by a female student of an eastern state University is the issue of incompetent whistle blowing or reporting system. If you dare attempt to report a lecturer, you are gone. No ways to protect victims and also reporting systems are faulty.

3. Not to be underestimated is the fact that some students too are culprits. Not only about provocative dressings and gestures which could distract a male, some 'slay queens' offer their goods-in-trade to the people in power or lecturers just to pass. This is serious.

This list is far from exhaustive.


it must be stopped! But how?

My Recommended Remedies
Remedies could serve as preventive or corrective thus serving as DETERRENT.

1. Capital Punishment? What?
Well, not death penalty. I want to equate forcing a student to trade romance for passing when ordinarily the student can pass to rape. So, any lecturer found guilty of such victimization should be punished enough so that his case will serve as deterrent to every other lecturer.

Suggested include dismissal, criminal prosecution, jail, public disgrace and more.

1b. Proper Legislation
Not just that, the schools must spell it out boldly in the institutions bylaws and regulations make publicly known that sexual harassment on campus is a criminal offense. Emphasize this.

2. Proper Reporting System and Victim Protection
I remember a student lamenting that the people you thought are the responsible people in power you are reporting the case to are more loyal to the criminal lecturer than to humanity. You will end up firing yourself out of the school because nothing will be done about it. And when even the lecturer will not victimize you directly, his friends will bring you down!

In effect, institutions need to look at the reporting system structure to make it effective, and possibly anonymous, and also look at absolute victim protection measures so that the offenders will not go scot free because of fear of inaction or victimization on the part of the victim.

3. Punish Erring Students
Don't get this wrong: lecturers too could be the victim. So, erring students who offer sex for mark or who threaten lecturers in other ways need be punished. Rustication, criminal prosecution and public disgrace will serve as deterrent to others. Some anonymous reports even claim that when victimized lecturers do not succumb, they may get 'dealt with' in unspeakable ways.

4. Students, Protect Yourselves!
Be wise! Girl, you are beautiful. You still dress decently. But why would you visit a lecturers office or room alone? Move with friends. In twos. This will help. Avoid situations that can warrant such scenarios. Be wise.

5. Pray. Pray?
Yes, the lady I interacted with emphasized prayer so much. She claims the best measure is for God to guide you and lead you away from traps and temptation. Yes, I too recommend prayer.

But as a twist, I would say prayer without work or wisdom is meaningless.

While you pray for God to protect you, please do not be a fool. Be wise. Be smart. Be intelligent. In fact, pray for this wisdom. Do note Folorunso who uses banana tree ropes to climb palm tree.

6. Awareness Campaign
Truth be told, many victims are naive. Awareness and sensitization will go a long way.

These are my observations and suggestions in order to curb this plague ravaging our higher institutions, defacing and ruining our leaders of tomorrow. If not curbed, the debilitating effect on our education system and future as a nation would be unquantifiable.

Share your opinions below.
Thank you.
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