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The remaining handful of Premier League fixtures could be worth up to £17.1m in prize money to some clubs.

A cool £1.9m is awarded by the Premier League for each place from 20th upwards, and with the help of, we've worked out how much prize money your club could lose or gain in the final week of the campaign.

Watford, currently in 16th, have the biggest potential swing, with a possible finish between eighth and 17th and a difference of £17.1m in prize money. The Hornets go to newly crowned champions Chelsea on Monday Night Football, before hosting Manchester City on the final day.

Premier League prize money

1st: £38m (Chelsea guaranteed) 2nd: £36.1m (Tottenham) 3rd: £34.2m 4th: £32.3m 5th: £30.4m 6th: £28.5m 7th: £26.6m (Everton) 8th: £24.7m 9th: £22.8m 10th: £20.9m 11th: £19m 12th: £17.1m 13th: £15.2m 14th: £13.3m 15th: £11.4m 16th: £9.5m 17th: £7.6m 18th: £5.7m (Hull) 19th: £3.8m 20th: £1.9m

Both Leicester and West Ham have a potential £13.3m difference in prize money available in their remaining games, while Crystal Palace, Stoke and Burnley all have reasons to field strong teams for their final game, with a difference of £11.4m up for grabs.

Chelsea claimed their fifth Premier League title with a 1-0 win over West Brom on Friday and will pocket £38m in prize money, while Spurs guaranteed the runners-up spot after beating Manchester United 2-1 in their last game at White Hart Lane on Sunday, and with it a £36.1m cheque.

That defeat made it mathematically impossible for United to finish in the top four, with Jose Mourinho concentrating on the upcoming Europa League final against Ajax for Champions League qualification. They can pick up between £30.4m and £28.5m in prize money in their two remaining Premier League games.

Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal are the remaining challengers for the two remaining top-four places, while Everton will finish seventh, regardless of the outcome from their remaining fixture against Arsenal, and are guaranteed to pick up £26.6m.

Hull lost their fight for Premier League survival after a 4-0 defeat at Crystal Palace, and are guaranteed £5.7m in prize money, and they join Sunderland and Middlesbrough in the Championship next season, who both have pride and £1.9m to play for in their final games.


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Chelsea don hammer ooo.
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Horsfall George wrote:Chelsea don hammer ooo.

Big time, brother!
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