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#1 » Posted by Etc » February 24th, 2018, 6:37 am

Its pathethic that even before 2018 ends, 2019 JAMB CBT questions have been leaked. Share with your intending young ones who may want to write JAMB next year and those old people who have written JAMB so many times but need to pass:

2019 JAMB CBT Questions (Official)

1. Animals that eat money are called...
A. Carnivores. B. Omnivores. C. Monivores. D. Herbivores.

2. What is the natural habitat for naira- eating snakes?
A. Aquatic B. Jamb headquarters C. Terrestrial D. Forest

3. The process by which a snake swallows money is called...
A. Phagocytosis B. Engulfing C. Pinocytosis D. Embezzlement.

4. What will snake drink after swallowing huge some of money....
A. Water B. Gulder C. Hennessy D. Non of the above.

5. What kind of snake can swallow 35M naira only......
A. Ejola B. Python C. Oka D. Anaconda

6. If the snake is arrested and taken to the court by the EFCC will it win the case.......
A. Yes.... Since there's no evidence against the innocent snake B. No..... The EFCC will win the case since the snake is not a politician. C. Yes & No. D. The Judge will throw the case out.

7. Let assume the snake is sentence to jail how many years do you think he will spend in jail....
A. Just a year B. 3 and half years C. 43 years D. Life in prison.

8. If it turned out that it was the Jamb officials that swallowed the money but they lied against the innocent snake, what should snake do?
A. Swallow all of them alive. B. Forgive and forget. C. Demand for it's share of the money. D. Leave Naija for Ghana.

What do you say? :clap:

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#2 » Posted by Etc » February 24th, 2018, 6:43 am

Etc wrote:4. What will snake drink after swallowing huge some of money....
A. Water B. Gulder C. Hennessy D. Non of the above.

The answer to this must be B or C. Gulder, or since there's too much money now, I mean 36milion for the account, Hennessey is not too costly. So we need to use Pythagoras theorem to find out the historical record of the snake in order to get the value of pi.

Pi#🐍 = 36m +/- 🙋= 🍺

The answer is B, Gulder. The snake took 2 bottles of Gulder.

#3 » Posted by Jegz (m) from Naija » February 24th, 2018, 9:07 am

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