#1 » My Fiancée Isn't A Wife Material, Please Help. by Hotsaint from NIGERIA » December 5th, 2017, 6:30 am

Good day,
Good people of nairaland, I am new to the thread so please bear my mishaps. Nairaland was Introduced to me by a colleague of mine at the office yesterday. So i said i should seek your advice on an issue bothering me.. Back to the topic.
Name withheld, My fiancee has been my girl for over 4 months now, and by early next year am thinking of taking it to the alter by God's grace but here is the problem....
On 3 or 4 occasions i have invited her to spend the night at my place, she do agrees but the problem is she over sleeps. She would sleep from 11 till 7am, A working class lady. I dunno how to tell her again, Cause i told her jokingly she laughed about it and said Is It my sleep. Imagine marrying her and she wakes by 7 or 8, Were is the time to take care of our kids nd d home I.E, Preparing breakfast and bathing the kids and also preparing for her work hour..... Please Nairalanders, Your opinions will be highly welcomed.
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