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Advice Needed Please. Help
Good morning nairalanders. I've brought a family issue which has been causing chaos and most likely will cause mayhem because great lacerations are now being involved.
My dad worked in a law firm and also had a truck that he employed an old man to handle and he paid him monthly. The truck was used in carrying commodities for people within Lagos state. The business was booming well and my dad immediately paid money to his boss's wife whom lives in Dublin with her children to get another in order to make it 2. My dad's boss is a lawyer and the legal procedures were made in order to get this vehicle down to Nigeria. The vehicle is over about 3million.
Unfortunately, the old man my dad employed had an accident with the truck and destroyed lots of properties and many people were injured. To cap it all, one person died. This stupid old man would have spent the rest of his life in jail or even sentenced to death but my dad did everything he could to get him out. The vehicle was in the police custody and it was virtually beyond repair.
My dad had no interest in this business anymore. And mind you, my dad's boss's wife hadn't bought this vehicle, as she only had the money with her. Why my dad didn't collect the money back immediately is what I can't comprehend.
Later that year, my dad got sick and passed on the following year. We called this woman after a year and she said she has bought the vehicle and she's gonna have to sell it in order to refund the money. I'm sure she's lying cause she never bought it when my dad was alive so, why would she buy it now? Of what use is it?
She and her husband, my dad's boss, were very close friends of my dad and I see no reason why they should suddenly possess such greedy trait. Even my uncles who sold my dad's personal car and used the money for themselves are not saying anything about the matter.
My mother called the husband last month and he sent 50,000 saying we should manage it that the vehicle money would come out very soon. I told my mother not to collect the money but she did because she was badly in need of money. These people are rich, so why is 3m something hard to sort out.
My mum had been calling the man making threats and I told her to calm that we can't fight them because we don't have the documents to show the transactions of the money between my dad and his boss's wife. I'm sure my dad's boss has it because my dad lived with him. Immediately my dad died, all his things in his room had been moved out by this lawyer.
Please, what do you suggest we do in a situation like this?
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