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Hello Dear friend, how are you doing today?
I believe you are doing well. In general, how well has life treated you?
Or should I say how well has the issues of life played according to your rules? Needless to say, life does not play according to anybody's rules, it has its own rules and we have no option than to bend to it. We simply just have to flow along.
I am being very much careful how I address you in this letter especially in this beginning part so you do not have any reasons to grudgingly stop reading. Not just stopping to read but also refusing to forgive me for my mistakes which I will never do on purpose.
You need not wonder why I chose to address a letter to you today because it's long overdue. I should have connected with you a long time ago but I was saving it for the appropriate time. I hope I haven't committed the worse by so doing and I sincerely believe this is the very best of time to write you.
If I must pass my message in this paragraph, I will start by telling you the truth and it has to be because you need to hear it as it is. As raw as it may sound, you cannot move ahead if life if you refuse to forgive your offenders.
You bare grudges? Even after you have been asked to forgive? You are doing yourself more harm. You know why? Grudges are so heavy or should I say weighty to be carried along in this journey of life, it will never let you move at the right pace, aside it being heavy and all, you cannot have the right focus to achieve great goals in life because while you are busy grudging, you don't seem to create space for new ideas, new ideas that will blow you up beyond proportion, new ideas that will change your life completely, new ideas that will set you on a path of greatness. The benefits of a clear and upright mind can not be overeating.
You seem to snap and pin point every offender of yours, not just that, you easily spot their offenses but you carry them along with you deep within you for as long as you alone knows when. You do all these things forgetting that you also are human and like every other human being on this planet you are bound to make mistakes whether knowingly or unknowingly. Funny enough in some cases you seek forgiveness when in your cupboard you have countless issues you have refused to let go. I do not know why you have chosen to live your life that way but trust me you are doing yourself more harm than you can imagine. A pure mind attracts good thoughts and these good thoughts produces unimaginable creativities which are key essentials to excel in life.
Better be informed that your offense becomes worse than that of your Offender when you sternly refuse to forgive and forget. Everybody makes mistakes even you.
I do not need to beg you to help yourself. If you want to move forward in life speedily, then you have to learn how to let go. It is as simple as that. If you can't do that then you solely bare the responsibility of whatever it is that befalls you in life. You cannot carry all the weight of grudges and move forward well in life, it must slow you down, believe it or not. Just learn how to forgive and see how your progress in life will be skyrocketed.
I know it is quite difficult to do especially if you are not used to it but you can start gradually. Firstly by believing we are all in each others lives to make mistakes and be forgiven. This mentality will take you places, it will help you learn to forgive and move ahead, it will help you ignore the little things that will want to hinder you, it will help you forgive even before you are asked to.
I probably might have sounded harsh on you at some point in this letter. Like I have tried to teach you, please start by forgiving me first. Please try to understand, I could not come up with any better way to pass my message. By forgiving me, I will be much convinced we have this journey of letting go started on a very good slate.
Just before I go, let me beg you not to let the spirit of grudge/unforgiving spirit FINISH YOU, clear your mind an THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, you will be excel.
Yours sincerely,
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