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DSTV is a leading Satellite cable TV service from Multichoice in Nigeria and across Africa. DSTV offers direct-to-home DTH pay TV services to customers across Africa and boasts of one of the cheapest pay TV packages in Nigeria as well as innovative services like HD channels, HD PVR decoders, and a mobile TV service. Multichoice has added the DSTV Compact Plus package targeted at sports lovers to their offerings. In this page, you will find information on DSTV HD PVR, decoders, packages or bouquets, HD channels, SD channels, and prices of different DSTV packages. You will also find information on how to order for or subscribe to DSTV from dealers in Nigeria.

This Holiday season DSTV is running a promo to make the DSTV system more affordable. With just N9,000, new subscribers can buy a new DSTV system including dish, DSTV decoder and smartcard. This price does not include monthly subscription. The subscriber will choose and pay for any DSTV package of choice separately. Hurry as this offer is valid while stocks lasts.

HD channels currently available on DSTV include, Supersports HD, MNET Africa HD, iConcert HD, and Discovery HD Showcase. HD offers crisp and bright pictures as well as crystal clear sound.

It is also important to note that the Barclays English Premier League is now back on DSTV. So, if you want to watch the whole 380 matches live, you are better off with DSTV. However, to be able to view the SuperSorts channels that show the Barclays Premier league, SSNi3 and SSNi7, you have to subscribe for the DSTV premium package, which goes for N9,500/month. DSTV has introduced a cheaper option for sports lovers. The new DSTV Compact Plus package which shows 90% English Premier league matches, sports coverage, as well as all channels available in the Compact bouquet. Compact Plus goes for N6,800 monthly.

DSTV SD & HD PVR Decoders
To receive DSTV channels, subscribers require a satellite dish, a DSTV decoder (HD or SD), a smart card and a remote control. DSTV is a pay-TV, so signals are encrypted. By paying your DSTV subscription and slotting your smart card in your DSTV decoder, your decoder will be enabled to decode the encrypted digital TV signals.

DSTV offers HD ready Personal Video Recording, PVR for short, which can combine perfectly with your standard DSTV decoder, enabling you to watch two channels while recording another two channels, all simultaneously. DSTV HD PVR decoders enables subscribers record live TV programmes and greatly improve user experience. With DSTV HD PVR decoders, subscribers can record up to 150 hours of standard definition TV programming or 50 hours of HD programming.

Imagine being able to pause live programmes, may be when answering a call and starting exactly where you stopped with a click of the button. DSTV HD PVR decoders come with instant replay feature, just press a button and the last 20 seconds of the programme will be replayed. Other possibility of DSTV HD PVR decoders include rewinding and fast-forwarding live TV and recording live TV programmes.

Recording is not the only advantage of DSTV HD PVR decoders, the HD stands for High Definition, which means that you get more details on your HDTV when watching the new DSTV HD channels. Your HD PVR decoder delivers crispier, brighter, smoother, and more colourful pictures to your living room. You also get better sound quality.

DSTV HD PVR decoders will cost more than classic/standard decoders but will add value to your user experience.

To make your HD PVR decoder more useful, DSTV has launched four high definition (HD) channels. DSTV Premium subscribers with HD PVR decoders will now be able to watch dedicated HD channels. HD channels currently available on DSTV include, Supersports HD, MNET Africa HD, iConcert HD, and Discovery HD Showcase. HD offers crisp and bright pictures as well as crystal clear sound.

To experience the full power of HD, you may require some hardware upgrade in addition to the DSTV HD PVR decoder. This include a HD ready TV (HDTV) and a surround sound system (Home theatre).

DSTV Channels
It is no longer news that DSTV has the best selections of channels of any direct to home TV service in Nigeria or Africa. DSTV signals are High quality digital TV signals with HD channels now a part of the mix. Watch exciting DSTV channels for your news, documentaries, live sports, entertainment and so much more. Some popular DSTV channels include:

BBC News
SuperSport BLITZ
Channel O
CNBC Africa
Africa Magic
Africa Magic plus
Africa Magic Hausa
Africa Magic Yoruba
MNET Africa HD
MNET Movies 1/2
MNET Action
NTA International
National Geographic
Magic World
Discovery Channel
Cartoon Network
Universal Channels (formally Hallmark)
Sky News
and so much more

Note that not all channels will be available in all DSTV packages, so verify what channels are included on your DSTV package before you buy.

DSTV Packages, Bouquets, and Products

DSTV currently offer four packages in Nigeria. In order of the number of channels they provide and prices:
DSTV Mobile (with compatible mobile phones)
DSTV Access
DSTV Family
DSTV Compact
DSTV Compact Plus
DSTV Premium

DSTV Access is the cheapest package offering the least number of channels. It is new and seems to be a replacement for the EasyView package. DSTV Family and DSTV Compact packages follow this in that order. DSTV Premium package offers the largest channel options and is the most expensive. DSTV Compact Plus offers all Compact channels but adds more sports channels. It sits between the Compact and Premium package.

DSTV may also have special bouquets for non-English speaking audience. This may include:

Indian Bouquets
French Bouquets
German Bouquets

DSTV Packages and Bouquets Prices

During the DSTV Christmas promo the cost of acquring a full DSTV system will be N9,000. This includes cost of the DSTV decoder, dish and smartcard. Subscribers will pay for the subscription separately. After the promo period the price structure may revert back to what it was before. Here is the price list of DSTV packages before Christmas promo period:
DSTV Access with 3 months subscription - N21,900
DSTV Family with 3 months subscription - N24,900
DSTV Compact with 3 months subscription - N29,900
DSTV Premium with 3 months subscription – N39,900

Prices include Satellite dish, DSTV standard decoder, DSTV smartcard, and installation costs. You will buy the installation cable.

DSTV Access N1,500 per month:
DSTV Access is a replacement for DSTV EasyView package. DSTV Access package offers over 40 channels mostly local and international TV channels, like AIT, SilverBird, Channels, NTA I, SuperSport BLITZ, Magic World, Al jezeera, Mindset Learn, E Entertainment, Africa Magic (Hausa & Yoruba only) and so on. CNN, BBC, and MNET channels are missing in this package the last time we checked. DSTV Access now has Audio channels. DSTV Access is an entry-level cable package. HD channels are not available on this package.

DSTV Family N2,500 per month:
DSTV Family is likely to be the most popular DSTV package; it offers a reasonable selection of TV channels at a reasonable price. DSTV Family offers you all DSTV Access channels and more. Channels Added to the DSTV Family package include CNN, Euro News, Channel O, ESPN Classic, Mnet Series, Inspiration, Africa Magic, MTV Base, Cartoon Network, and so on, over 46 digital TV channels in all. DSTV Family also has all 24 available DSTV Audio services. Audio channels available include BBC (3 channels), Voice of America (VOA), RAI radio, Ray power FM, Star FM, music channels, and so on. DSTV Family installation cost is about 24,900 Naira the last time we checked. This price includes dish, standard decoder, and connection with 3 months free subscription. HD channels are not available on DSTV Family.

DSTV Compact N4,500 per month:
DSTV Compact offers you all DSTV Family channels and more. Channels Added to the Compact package include BBC World, RAI international, Sony Entertainment, MNET Action, Africa Magic Plus, ESPN Sports, SuperSport 10, and so on, over 60 channels in all. DSTV Compact also has all 24 available DSTV Audio services. If you need more Exciting channels then DSTV Compact package is a good choice. HD channels are not available on DSTV Compact.

DSTV Compact Plus N6,800 per month:
DSTV Compact Plus offers all DSTV Compact channels in addition to two sports channels. The sports channels added are SuperSport 7 and SuperSport 10. It is aimed at giving Sports lovers in Nigeria and across Africa access to premium sports at a more affordable price than is possible with the DSTV Premium package. Subscribers to the bouquet will be able to watch 90% EPL matches as well as other live sports like the French League, Bundesliga, PSL, Spanish La Liga as well as rugby, golf, tennis, athletics, boxing and motorsport. If the only reason you subscribe to the Premium bouquet is to watch sports then you are better of with DSTV Compact Plus. HD channels are not available on DSTV Compact. Note that if you need 100% EPL, you have to go for the premium package.

DSTV Premium N9,500 per month:
DSTV Premium package is the high-end package offering you all available DSTV SD/HD video, and audio channels. The last time we checked, DSTV Premium offers over 85 exciting TV channels. Channels exclusive to DSTV Premium package include Mnet Movies 1 & 2, Discovery channel, SuperSport 3, History Channel, Boomerang, Discovery, all HD channels, and so on. DSTV Premium package is for people who want nothing less than the best. If you want to receive HD channels then you need to go for DSTV Premium as HD channels currently exclusive on the Preminm package. If you also want to watch 100% matches of the English Premier league, the DSTV premium package is your best bet. You will also be able to access the Premier league's 24-hour full HD content service, if you own a DSTV HD PVR decoder.

Find more information about DSTV services in Nigeria at http://www.dstvafrica.com.

Note that DSTV reserve the right to alter channels in any package at anytime so always verify what is included in the package you intend to buy or subscribe for before making payment.

DSTV Installation, usage & subscription issues

Here are a few things you may want to know about DSTV

DSTV Installation

DSTV Installation is free, once you pay your initial payment, you will not be required to pay for anything apart from the cable cost which may be up to N1,500 in Nigeria. You may at your own discretion decide to offer some payment to the installation technician (may be for transport). The installation cost is lumped into your initial payment.

Free Channels on DSTV

DSTV do not offer any free channels, once your subscription expires, you will not be able to receive any TV signal. Initially some channels may be available free for a few hours, but with time all DSTV channels will no longer be available until you pay your subscription. To avoid losing your viewing, visit any DSTV outlet two days before your payment due date to make your payment. Your DSTV subscription will be renewed automatically if you pay on time.

Paying DSTV Subscription

You can pay your DSTV subscription at any DSTV outlet near you. You can also pay at some designated banks. If you are on internet banking at your bank, you will not need to visit your bank as you can make payment to DSTV from your home or office. In some countries, you can also pay with credit/debit cards. To avoid losing your viewing, make your payment two days before your payment due date.

To make your HD PVR decoder more useful, DSTV has launched four high definition (HD) channels. DSTV Premium subscribers with HD PVR decoders will now be able to watch dedicated HD channels. HD channels currently available on DSTV include MNET Africa HD, iConcert HD, Supersports HD, and Discovery HD Showcase. HD offers crisp and bright pictures as well as crystal clear sound.

To experience the full power of HD, you will require some hardware upgrade in addition to the DSTV HD PVR decoder. This include a HD ready TV and a surround sound system.

DSTV is a digital satellite TV service offered by MultiChoice in Nigeria and across Africa. DSTV signals are officially available in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Madagascar, Cameroon, The Gambia, Liberia, and dozens of African countries.

To Subscribe to DSTV in Nigeria, visit the nearest Multi-choice office nearest to you now.

You can also visit DSTV Nigeria website at http://www.dstvafrica.com.

To find information on DSTV specific to any African country, visit DSTV Africa website at http://www.dstvafrica.com. There you can select your country to view information specific to your country.


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Heard these people have increased their subscription fees effective april 1st.
But y naa? :what:
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#3 » Yehmmy (f) from Ibadan » April 5th, 2011, 8:41 am
Merlino wrote:Heard these people have increased their subscription fees effective april 1st.
But y naa? :what:

yea. Its true. All d bouquets have increased in price. I guess they are trying to recoup their investments on the recent promo.
I like dstv anyway.
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#4 » kurrupt (m) from Ajegunle » April 22nd, 2011, 9:05 am
With its nearmonopoly status restored in the Nigerian cable televisionmarket, Multichoice, the subscriptionmanagement
firmof DSTV is back to its old ways of indiscriminate jacking up subscription fees.
Multichoice position in the Nigerianmarket has been greatly enhanced by its success in winning back the English Premier League which
it lost to HITV, an indigenous cable television station for about two years.
The company, in an e- mailmessage to its subscribers announced increase in the subscription prices to its various bouquets which it said
will take effect from1 April, 2011.
Though some of the subscribers only received the e-mail this week, the letter signed by Joseph Hundah, Managing Director, Multichoice
Nigeria was dated 1 March.
As listed by the company, the DStv subscription for Compact Plus bouquet has been jacked up fromN6,800 to N7,000, Compact
bouquet fromN4,500 to N4,800, and Family Bouquet fromN2,500 to N2,800.
The Access Fee for DualView subscribers has also been increased fromN1,200 to N1,800.
Multichoice however said it will be discounting the new DStv Premiumsubscription price by N300 per month for three months “which
means you will only pay N10,000 for April, May and June 2011 after which the full price ofN10,300 will be billed.
“In determining a price increase MultiChoice takes into account many factors including, and amongst others, the impact on the
subscriber, operational costs, satellite lease costs, programming costs and efficiencies effected within the company”, the company said.

http://pmnewsnigeria.com/2011/03/17/mul ... on-prices/
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#5 » Ifyy » August 19th, 2011, 2:45 pm
nice update :good:

#6 » bingo » September 3rd, 2011, 4:28 pm
1. Can I use my NIGERIA DSTV HD PVR decoder in Ghana without facing any feed or satellite problems?
2. If yes, then how am I going to pay my monthly subscription since I now stay in Ghana, are there any means to pay without going back to Nigeria? I would be grateful for your help.

#7 » J0E (m) from Texas » January 3rd, 2013, 9:24 pm
Very informative. Thought these prices have changed.
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#8 » eMade (f) from Abuja » November 17th, 2013, 6:48 am
Dstv is currently runnugba 7-day all channels free promo.

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Merlino wrote:Heard these people have increased their subscription fees effective april 1st.
But y naa? :what:

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