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Amina Mallam Usman is only 15 years old and a light weight in stature.But when the occasion demanded, as it did on Monday night, Amina put up the courage and fighting spirit of many people who are much older and twice her size.
She was one of the dozens targeted by the terrorists and about being packed into their vehicles for a journey into an uncertain future.
She had only a few seconds to break away from the terrorists who were out to ruin her life.
With one heavy jerk, belying her little frame, Amina broke loose from her captor, leaving behind her hijab, lest it became a hindrance in her escape bid.
Amina ascribed her escape to the grace of God.
She prayed that God might protect her friends and mates and guide them back home.
She said: “When Boko Haram came to our school, we thought they were soldiers because they dressed like soldiers.
“We ran, and then one of them called us. One of them asked me to come to the car.
“I got close to the car, and then one of them started laughing at me.
“I moved closer to them, thinking they were soldiers.
“I soon realized that they were not soldiers. As I made to run away, one of them tried to grab me. I dodged him but he got my hijab.
I quickly removed my hijab and left him with it and ran away. I thought I was dead.
“They entered our hostel again, but some of us ran into the bush. I ran up to five kilometres and hid in one Fulani settlement called Miligia.
Asked how many students she saw in the invaders’ vehicles, Amina said: “There were many students in the vehicles.. They were up to 50 that were in the vehicles.”
She said she felt like the angels should take her soul the moment she realized the men were Boko Haram terrorists.
She is not psychologically prepared to return to the Dapchi school.
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This is serious o. :shkd:

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