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The earnest desire of every newbie in the talent industry is to be able to break through with ease. Most talented people didn't break through in their first attempt. While some had a break through in their first attempt, some others broke through in their tenth, twentieth, or thirtieth attempt. As a newbie probably with limited funds, you'd desire to break through easily and early.
To break through simply means that the door of your chosen sector opens up to you for people to accept what you have to offer. As a talent Coach who have studied the talent industry all over the world, I want to list out some questions that can help any talented person to have a major breakthrough in his or talent career.
- Are You Good? Believe it or not, there are forces in charge of the various sectors of the economies all over the world according to location, and race. I can simply say that they act as gatekeepers. If you are not good at what you do, you may be turned back. I have received emails from rich guys and ladies who have spent a lot of money in the pursuit of their talent dreams but still find it difficult to break through. They have the money to spend but haven't fully developed their talents. Talent development requires patience, persistency and meekness but so many talented people are always impatient when it comes to this. They just can't wait to be launched out.
- Have You Gone Through The Process? The talent industry may not open to anyone who haven't gone through the process. For example, how do you intend to practice as a medical doctor or as a lawyer when you didn't go through the process of becoming one? Even Jesus had to go through the process before the world could hear him. Do you remember what happened at River Jordan after he was baptised? the spirit drove him to the wilderness for the final test. Do you also remember what happened at the mountain of transfiguration? that was life certifying him after he had gone through the process.
The world may not hear you or let me simply put that your industry may not open to you until life has found you worthy. You can go through the process in 3 months, 6 months, 12 or even 10years, it just depends on your ability to learn fast and graduate from the school of life.
I laugh when I see people who are not willing to go through the process of their talent career but wants to eat of the treasures therein. The process is always very difficult and demanding and that's the reason many talented people try to bypass it. How much have you wasted to see your talents come to limelight? What price have you paid? It's unfortunate that so many talented people think they can move to the top of their careers with just the information they got for free. Just recently, someone asked to join my online talent coaching program but complained about the fee. When she asked me to reduce the fee for her, I told her to go sell any of her valuables to pay for it. She thought I was being inconsiderate but I wasn't. Go for trainings, pay for it even if you have to sell something of value to you. It is a proof that you truly desire a break through.
- Can You Motivate? The talent industry produces the highest number of motivators around the world. They act as catalyst for growth and development. I was asked sometime ago by an interviewer how I think the music industry has impacted the Nigeria economy and my answer was simple "the music industry has helped to motivate so many people to pursue after success instead of settling for mediocrity". So, if you want the door to the talent industry to open to you, you must work on your ability to motivate people. What are the areas to work on: - Our minds - Our taste should be first class - Our outward appearance - Excellence
Life may not launch you out to the public if you don't look presentable. Most talented people who are making waves all over the world have a strong carriage and dress sense. While some have it in them, some others have people who takes care of that vital part of their life. You can be very good at what you do but if your motivating ability is low you may go nowhere.
I can boldly say that the reason why the Nigeria talent industry is limited in a way is because our taste is limited. A typical American entertainer packages his products for the whole world while Nigerians packages theirs for the African market. Majority of people who attend talent events put together by Africans overseas are Africans living in those countries. An understanding of this will help Africa to take a major share of the talent market all over the world.
To get a free copy of the full article sent to your email, please send me an email. Succeed You Must.
(c) Johnspeak Uwangue Motivational Speaker, Talent and Life Coach.
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