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Read Here; //4173656/federa ... ent-beaten
His name is Micheal (FMT 300L)
It is no longer news that a 300L student of the department of Financial Management Technology who was identified as Mr Micheal was killed late yesterday but before now there has been no information as to why he was killed.
After speaking to an eye witness who has chosen to remain anonymous, gathered that Mr Micheal was actually macheted within the night hours by a rival cult group. Mr Michael who was identified as a member of a cult group was said to have been macheted due to the ongoing rivalry between cult groups within FUTO and Nekede environs.
After he was macheted, his friends with whom he went to Nekede boarded a motorcycle after threatening the motorcyclist. On their way back to FUTO environs his friends then alighted the motorcycle leaving the motorcyclist with no choice but to take bleeding Mr Micheal to the Ihiagwa vigilante office.
The vigilante members adviced the motorcyclist to take Mr Micheal to a clinic or hospital or in the case where Mr Micheal should die, he (the motorcyclist) would bury him. The motorcyclist who pretended to want to take Mr Micheal to get medical attention only sped away leaving Mr Michael on the floor after falling off the motorcycle. Mr Michael was said to have bled to death in front of the Ihiagwa vigilante office.
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Where is the photo?

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